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0o3. half jill and half jack by youaretheMOONatnight 0o3. half jill and half jack by youaretheMOONatnight
"I run as fast as I can run but
Jack comes tumbling after."

Harleen Quinzel, Gordon, Batman and the Joker (c) DC Comics
Song: Half Jack - The Dresden Dolls

- - - -

Three months.

Three whole fuckin' months, that's how long it had taken for Harleen Quinzel's world to come tumbling down and her along with it. On the outside she had been trying to keep it together and to everyone around her, it seemed that she was. Harleen had spoken to the Bat and Gordon already since it seemed that everyone wanted to know what her secret was to 'taming' the Joker. She hadn't told either of them a damned thing and had completely disregarded their warnings.

Her pride wouldn't allow her to admit that they may have been right and that maybe something bad was going to happen if she kept seeing the Joker.

She was losing everything all on the account of a mask; a mask she couldn't even fucking see!

It was his fault, all of this. Every day without fail, just as she was about to slip out of his cell he would ask her the same thing;

"Take-uh off your mask, Harleen. Let's-uh see tha-t pretty little face of yours."

Harleen didn't understand, she wasn't wearing a mask and she'd told him that. Of course, he merely laughed and said nothing more about it until the next session.

At first, she'd been able to shake it off, he was just spouting pyschobabble her way. But as time went on and she spoke more and more to the clown, she was beginning to realize the wisdom that lay in his cryptic conversations. He was a genius, he understood the world..and her. Before she knew it, she was spilling her guts to him; telling him about her schizophrenic mother, her white trash family and the things that'd done to herself and others to get here.

He absorbed all the information like a sponge and offered her vaildations in what she'd believed all along; that she had done what she had to do. It was refreshing, she found to speak with someone who truly understood you.

She dared to even consider him a friend.

But he would never lie to her, never say something that wasn't true and so, when he told her that she was wearing a mask then she truly must have been. Her delicate fingers traced absently over her face - nothing. No mask.

The blonde had been staring at her reflection every chance she got in the hopes of finally seeing the mask that the clown saw. It was there, it had to be. She wondered if everyone else could see it too, if her co-workers, Arkham or Batman and Gordon (when they came to check in on the clown) all could and they'd just been laughing at her this whole time?

No one laughed at Harleen Quinzel.

"Mornin' Ms.Quinzel," greeted the tall orderlie in his deep southern accent. He guarded the entrance of cell block D, the Joker's block and always greeted Harleen in the same warm fashion every time he saw her. "You feelin' alright today, Miss?"

"Yeah." she answered curtly as she brushed past him. But Harleen most certainly was not feeling alright nor did she look it. Her golden hair was unwashed and knotted in several places, her make up, which she hadn't even bothered to wipe off was smudged and her usually flawless work ensemble was messy and thrown together. She'd stayed up the entire night before hand and hadn't had time to make herself presentable. Frankly, she hadn't even cared to.

Harleen stormed down the empty block to the last cell, swiped her card and practically kicked down the door. The Joker didn't even flinch, he simply grinned at her from his seat on his bed; he sat crossed legged and bound in a straight jacket.

"Hello-uh Harleen. Still wearing tha-t mask I see?"

"No! I'm not wearing a mask at all, I never was!" she snapped, gesturing to her face. "This? This is not a mask! This is my face and I'm not hiding anything!"

He frowned at this and his obsidian orbs bore into her bright eyes. "Lie to me-uh if you must, Harley-poo but-uh don't you dare lie to yourself," he retorted "You and I both know that you've been wearing a-uh mask your entire life. It's not your fault of course, you didn't-uh know any better when you first put it on, did you? You mother wore a mask for too long and look where that got her, an insane asylum, rotting away for the rest of her life. You're half way to where your mother is already, just-uh ta-ke off the mask and you'll see that everything will fall into- place. Trust me, poo-bear."

Harleen shook her head, digging her manicured nails into the flesh of her face. Where was it? Where was the mask and why couldn't he tell her how to rip it off? On the inside, maybe it was on the inside! Maybe if she just picked at her skin long enough, she'd catch a glimpse of the thing and yank it out. Oh god, what if it never came out?

Suddenly, there wasn't any oxygen in the small cell, it had turned stale and felt like cement in her lungs. Her very blood was curdling and turning into sludge within her veins. The room was too small and too big for her at the same time. Harleen felt as if her skin was paper. She was dying.

The Joker just cackled - what was so goddamned funny?

"I-I don't know how to take it off." Harleen whimpered, tears forming her large blue eyes.

"Just take it off."

"I can't! I don't know how!"

"Take it off."

"I can't!"


Harleen screamed at the top of her lungs, screamed to silence him, to silence the voices that seemed to be echoing all around her. She grabbed the nearest piece of furniture, which just happened to be a chair and threw it against the wall with all her might. "I fucking can't!" she shouted at him "I've never worn a mask, this is my fucking face!" The tears started then and she staggered back into the nearest corner. Her hands quickly moved to cover her face and her nails once again dug into her skin; the pain felt..good. Like a glass of water on a scortching day.

Through her tears, she dug her nails deeper and deeper into her skin until she felt drops of blood beginning to form and even deeper still.

"This is my face," she whimpered to herself "My face, my face, my face. Not a mask, not a-"

Harleen started to giggle. She was beginning to get it now, what was so funny about this whole situation, about masks, and blood and teeny tiny little cells. Though her tears still came the little blonde was howling with laughter. She understood now what her mother had meant when she'd talked about being "Jill" some of the time and "Jack" the other. Harleen was realizing now that she'd been half-jack along and it was fuckin' hilarious.

"There," the Joker grinned "Now was tha-t so hard?"
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Darkknight3434 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012
Beautiful pic, it's a damn shame we will never get too see Brittany Murphy play that part.
Thank you!
I know ): She was such a wonderful actress.
InsanityAndRainbows Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
That was bloody brilliant, your amazing my friend! <3
Aww! Thanks<3
InsanityAndRainbows Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011
No problem :}
1fuckedupartist Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011
half jack is my favorite dresden dolls song!!! its about amanda palmer father....very good song!
I-A-Puzzleshipper Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That was amazing. The detail you put into it was astounding and incredible at the same time, and the word flow was perfect. I could see this happening in my mind, and the portrayal of the characters was spot-on. What a wonderful story. Very marvelous, if I can say so... (as DC-ous is not a word). : D <3
Thank you, honestly. I really appreaciate you taking the time to write an in-depth comment/review. You're a sweet-heart<3
Harley-Jacks Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist likey.

Like, seriously, this is incredible. Like, wow.
Thank you very much<333
ForeverACharmedOne Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011
Holy cow you write insanity like it makes sense. :XD: This is AMAZING.
Aww shucks! That's probably cus I'm a bit crazy mah self!
Thank you though love, I really appreciate it!<3
ForeverACharmedOne Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
Lol I shall quote Alice in Wonderland when I say...we're all mad here. ;) And you're welcome!
I actually have that quote in my room xD
<333333333 You're a sweet heart!
ForeverACharmedOne Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011
:lmao: Really? Nice! I have a shirt that says M is For Mad. :heart:

BLOOD-and-LUST-87 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was brilliant! <33 You're the ONLY one who can make me ENJOY a story focusing on these two, and as you know, that's no easy feat. ;P I knew I already liked it when I saw the title, because it was just so clever. Is it from a song? I swear, you always know the most obscure, cool stuff... lol Can't wait for more! ^-^
Aww shucks! Thank you!<333
Yeah, I decided that I wanted Harleen to think of him as a friend since the way I play her she doesn't open up to people easily (as you already know xD) so she'd have another reason to hate him.
It is actually, I get almost all my titles from songs.
Half Jack by the Dresden Dolls. It's a really pretty song and it just kind of works for Harley.
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